The Toronto Uprising, who are an eSports team in the city of Toronto have been asked by Activision Blizzard to remove the city from its name or won’t be allowed to compete in this year’s Overwatch League. To no one’s surprise, the Toronto based team is not too happy about the news and have made it clear that the ruling is unreasonable. 

The Toronto Uprising no more.

With season 2 of the Overwatch League, just months away and the league wants city-based teams like other leagues that include rosters. Here is where it gets a little tricky, there is another team who are also based out of Toronto who bought the rights to have “Toronto” in its name. Meet the Toronto Defiant, the newest eSport team out of Toronto who also rank higher than The Uprising. Only existing for a month, The Defiant are the equivalent of an expansion team you see in other sports leagues while The Uprisings have been competing for years.

An Unhappy general manager.

The general manager of The Boston Uprising who are associated with The Uprising in Toronto has released a statement in a tweet, “we retain ownership of all the player and staff contracts and ownership over the contenders slot. We will continue to compete as a team, but obviously under a new brand.” The Club will pull out this year’s Overwatch tournament. Recently the president of the Club challenged the Defiant to an exhibition match over the right for the city name, but the challenge was quickly denied.

A new issue for eSports?

City name rights is a unique issue facing eSports due to teams typically not using city names but with the rapid growth in this industry will see more teams using city name because it will give them more recognition and brand awareness. Is eSports ready to tackle these problems? Well, they better be, the future looks bright for eSports!

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