With the anticipated release of PlayStation classic on December 3rd, here is my attempt to shed some light on some questions some might have.

The device is shrunk down to a mini version of the original PlayStation and you can own it for $99.99. PlayStation fans are thrilled to find out that the console comes with 20 built-in classic games such as Resident Evil, Final Fantasy VII and Grand Theft Auto. PlayStation classic will also have a virtual memory that takes 15 save slots for each game. The controllers do not include gamepads although some are happy to learn that the cords are
1.5-meter long and use the regular USB.

The console is designed for the superfans that want to cherish their love for the original PlayStation and relive their childhood memories. Speaking of childhood memories remember the original PlayStation into? Well, you will have the privilege to hear the same into when turning on the classic version. Sweet, right?

With the Sony PlayStation classic, you will get what you’re expecting and if you’re a fan of retro gaming, you will not be disappointed.