Previously Jimmy Kimmel announced a new challenge on his show. You may have seen the Jimmy Kimmel segment every Hollyween where he tells parents to lie to their kids and tell them that they ate all their candies.  This time around Jimmy is encouraging parents to turn off their kid’s TV or monitor while they’re in the middle of playing Fortnite.  The results are everything you may expect. You don’t take away kids Halloween candy and you don’t disrupt them while they’re playing Fortnite.
You may think this is cute and all but the sad part about all this is some parents have turned to rehab for their sons Fortnite addictions. A kids psychologist in the UK believes gaming has similar effects to heroin and they too need to be treated like an addict. Not trying to be too preachy here but parents should differently think about limiting hours of game play for their young ones. You sure don’t want your kids to grow up and live in a card box while begging money for new “skins”.