When PlayStation classic first came out in December it was priced at 99.99 but now you can own one for just 59.99. The 40 percent price drop comes just less than a month before its release. The lackluster reviews might have something to do with the price drop especially in such a short period of time. Let’s take a quick look at why the PlayStation Classic flopped.

Lack of Big Name Games

The PlayStation Classic came with 20 built-in games, some known and some lesser known to the PlayStation community. Fans were excited to see series like final fantasy and resident evil, only to find out the popular titles like Final Fantasy 9 or Resident Evil 2 were not included and instead they were left with final Fantasy VII and Resident Evil Director’s Cut. The list also lacked other big-name games like Tomb Raider and Spyro. A lot of these games could also be purchased in the PS store using PS3, PSP, and Vita. Is it really necessary to spend $99 on a console to play these games when you can buy them in the PS store and save some money? Well, apparently a lot of gamers didn’t think so.


When PlayStation classic was first announced back 2017 many fans had high expectations for the console. With the success of Nintendo NES, PlayStation developers were hoping they would see the same results. The FOMO caused them to rush things and produce a lackluster product. A lot of people saw the PlayStation Classic as a completely uninspired copy of a Nintendo Product.


The price may had to do with the PlayStation Classic flop. $99 just doesn’t seem like an attractive deal when there are alternative ways you can play these classic games. Both Nintendo NES and Nintendo SNES are under $99 and have a much better interface than the PlayStation Classic. With the new price tag of $59 the PlayStation Classic looks like a much more attractive offer that will for sure bring in more sales but still may not bring it back to life like Sony hopes it will.

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