It’s no secret that superhero fever is taking over the world, it has been for some time, but today it’s far more prevalent than before. Old super hero shows are being rebooted or continuing from many years ago, and with Comic Con attendance around the world at an all-time high, it’s clear that enthusiasm from superhero fans is still high.

It makes sense then that games would be a logical step to bring superhero films and characters to life. Sadly, this isn’t a first, as there have been many superhero games in the past and many of them have been complete disasters. Thankfully there have also been a few good ones and Insomniac Games, developers of games like Resistance, Ratchet & Clank and Sunset Overdrive, may have set the new benchmark for superhero games with the latest iteration of Spider-Man.

For those who have played the Spider-Man games before, you’ll know better than anyone that there was a “good” version of Spider-Man, and a “bad” version of Spider-Man as far as games are concerned. Thankfully, the only thing that has remained constant in this new game is that it’s Spider-Man.

Playing the Game

As you progress through the game and the story, you’ll start to learn things about the game. The tutorial itself can span for a few hours at the very least because as you make progress in the game, more and more features become available to you. One minute you’ll be opening up police towers to expand the map, ala Assassin’s Creed style, the next, you’ll be chasing pigeons through the city to further the reaches of science. Amongst all of that, are small but attainable hidden gems around the map, things you can pick up and add to your range of collectibles. Why collect them? Well, mostly because it’s a huge amount of fun, but also because the more collectibles you pick up, the petty crimes you defuse and the more science points you earn, you’ll get to unlock more suits with different powers.

The way the devs ensure that you’ll do these things is by making them fun, but also allowing you to level up your character through attacks, weapons, suits and everything in between. You can customize your suit to make it look like Peter Parker’s first pajama suit but give it some amazing powers. Perhaps you want to be a black-suited Spider-Man with some TRON-looking trim, that’s available too. There’s just so much to go through with the character and so much to unlock whether you’re infiltrating gang hideouts or just stopping a quick shop heist.

To add to that, the webs hit rooftops, and you’ll swing around the city with precision, so no more throwing webs straight up into the sky or only being able to go a certain distance. With this Spider-Man, the web/swinging system is a huge amount of fun.

Visually Striking and Appealing

Visually, the game looks fantastic, and you’ll start your web-slinging antics in the city of New York adapted for Marvel. If you’ve been able to visit the concrete jungle before, you’ll notice some actual landmarks, some of which are similar, but some which are also identical. There are also some that have been added purely for the scope of Marvel, and I’m sorry to say, if you did visit NYC, you wouldn’t be able to catch a glimpse of Stark tower.

The buildings look sleek, and the fight scenes are glorious. You’ll find joy in the smallest detail amongst the streets or even from the rooftops, and it seems like everything has been designed to give you a veritable feast for the eyes.

Hear Me Out

One of the smallest details in the sound is something that genuinely took us by surprise because of how cleverly thought out it was. As you’re moving around the city, having a conversation with someone on your phone, you’ll talk in a normal, calm voice while sitting perched atop a building or just walking the streets. As soon as you start swinging or doing anything that could cause you to sweat, the voice acting changes to a more strained and struggling voice. It’s such a small detail, but something that makes you feel like the developers have put in a huge amount of effort.


All of this pales in comparison to the depth and story of the main game because that is what truly sets it apart from other superhero games. It doesn’t try to carbon copy anything, and it doesn’t play out some expected or unbelievable storyline. It’s a story within itself with casual throwbacks and mentions to the universe, built in with its own Stan Lee cameo, all coupled together with everything that makes it Marvel. It’s fun, it’s exciting, and it’s a perfect time whenever you pick up the controller to play it.

With 2018 being such a great year for popular games such as God of War and Red Dead Redemption 2, in any other year, Spider-Man would top the charts for a long time, and it’s easily a game of the year contender and can compete with the aforementioned titles too. 


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